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Deathtrap DAY 2

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This fall Teater Neuf International gets spooky as we proudly present Deathtrap by Ira Levin, directed by Aslak Hauglid!
The play mixes suspense, comedy and a slew of twists and turns. Famous playwright Sidney Bruhl is down on his luck and would do anything to get his hands on the next killer thriller - maybe even bring it into his own home...


Ordinary tickets - 100 

DNS members - 80 


Teaterscenen in Chateau Neuf.

November 24th, 25th and 26th at 19:00. Doors open at 18:30. 

November 26th at 14:00. Doors open at 13:30. 

Show time is approximately 2 hours, with 15 min intermission.

It will be preformed in English. 



Sydney Bruhl - Andrei Faitas

Myra Bruhl - Abigail Barbu

Clifford Anderson - Trond Isaksen

Helga ten Dorp - Charlotte Agati

Porter Milgrim - Mathias Olsen


Director - Aslak Hauglid

Stage manager - Henriette Mikkelsen

Producers -Crissy Voinov, Mathew Galloway, Tara Licthenstein

Stage hand - Guise Camacho, Eric Sefcik, Askhay Chawdhry

Lighting designers -  Irma Franz

Sound designer - Mathias Olsen

Set designer -Toramari Faremo

Props designers - Elisja Noldus, Lotte Van Der Zee

Hair/makeup artists - Annika Mysore

Costume designer - Taylor White  

Fight consultant/choreographer - Hannah Nelson 

We'd like to thank Frifond for their generous support! 


Non-refundable tickets